Which perfect, unique gift should you get?

What’s the occasion?

a. Graduation
b. Thank-You
c. Anniversary
d. A wedding
e. A birthday

What is your price range?

a. $15-20
b. $20-25
c. $25-$30
d. $35-$40
e. $45-$50

What is the age of the recipient?

a. 15-20
b. 41-50
c. 50 or older
d. 21-30
e. 31-40

Which is the recipient more likely to do in his/her spare time?

a. Spend time with friends
b. Go to the beach with the family
c. Go to a museum or art gallery
d. Go on a wine tour
e. Go to a sporting event

Where would the recipient prefer to go on vacation?

a. Orlando, Florida
b. The Caribbean
c. Europe
d. Napa Valley
e. A lodge in the mountains

Mostly A’s: Personalized I-phone case

Teens can be difficult to shop for. Finding the perfect balance between practical and cool can take hours, and you still aren’t guaranteed they’ll like it or ever use it. This personalized I-phone case is the perfect solution to your gift-buying woes. Your teen will love it, and it keeps that expensive I-phone protected. Your grad will love showing off this I-phone case at college, it’s the perfect conversation ice-breaker and can really help boost social status. The best part? It’s personalized. College campuses are littered with smart phones. Having a unique case to help your grad tell hers apart will be a lifesaver.

Mostly B’s: Beach Tote ‘Em bag

This Beach Tote ‘Em Bag is perfect for that beach bum in your life. Made to fit a towel, swimsuit, beach read, sunscreen and I-pod, your friend will love its practicality and chic look. Anyone can buy a gift certificate or gift card but few take the time to think about what the recipient really wants. Your sun-kissed friend will glow even more when she sees that you took the time to get her what she really wanted.

Mostly C’s: Couples Pillow Case

What do you get the couple who has everything? Why not spice up the bedroom with personalized pillow cases? These elegant cases can freshen up the master bedroom and act as a reminder of that special day. Your friends will love the stylish script and commemorative name and date. These pillow cases pay tribute to the countless nights this couple has spent together and make every upcoming night they share even more special.

Mostly D’s: White Wine Glasses

You can be proud to add this gift to the pile at the wedding. These personalized white wine glasses are a unique way to share your excitement for this couple and their marriage. By adding the initial of their now shared last name, you make these wine glasses a present the couple will cherish forever. For years to come the newlyweds can sip their Pinot Grigio and think fondly of their wedding day and what great friends they shared it with.

Mostly E’s: Sit n’ Sip Cooler

This Sit n’ Sip cooler is genius! Whoever you buy this gift for will think you’re a genius for getting it for them. This is the perfect gift for your friends who love to go outdoors or frequent sporting events. It’s a chair and a cooler in one! With the personalized touch your friends can tailgate in style and pack it up after they’re done. Your friend will love that this cooler collapses for easy storage. This gift is where functionality meets fun.

You can find purchase all of these unique gifts at: A Gift Personalized.


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