Looking for the perfect wedding gift?

Choosing a wedding gift can be a difficult ordeal, especially if you want your gift to be original and memorable.

Sure, you can randomly select a gift from the impersonal registry of knife sets and over-priced 500-thread count Egyptian sheets, but those can be so cliché.

Why not get the couple something unique and practical?

Why not get the couple something they’re passionate about?

For the gamers: You know the couple. They host regular game nights, love entertaining each other and their friends and are sometimes known to carry a deck of cards with them in case of extreme boredom or lull in conversation. Get this couple something that will provide them a lifetime of healthy competition:

Personalized Poker Set

Try this personalized poker set. Think of the possibilities this couple has to teach each other a variety of poker games (including but not limited to the strip variety). Include a card that says, “Let the games begin!”

For the jet setters: They love to travel together. They might have even met in the Peace Corps or on one adventure or another. You can find photos of them together everywhere from the Sphinx to Machu Pichu. Why not get them something they can use on their future journeys?

His and Her Toiletry Bag

Try this “his and hers” collapsible toiletry bag. Include a card that says, “I’m so happy you’ve found that person to satisfy your inner-wanderlust with! Here’s to the many adventures in your future!”

For the sports fans: They make tailgating at sports events into an Olympic event. Everyone wants to be included in the festivities. They have grilling, drinking and pre-gaming down to a science. Get them something to accompany their next trip to the sports arena.

Try this personalized sit n’ sip tote to take with them to the next game! They can pack it with beer, sandwiches, or baked beans. They’ll think of you every time they use it! Include a card that says, “I know you are each other’s biggest fan, but use this when you’re cheering on your team together.”

For the Romantics: This couple can be sickeningly cute. They surprise each other with notes and roses. They take frequent walks through the parks and check out books for each other at the library. He buys flowers for her just because; she makes candlelight dinners every Thursday night. Some days they make you want to gag, but let’s face it, we’re all a little jealous of their movie romance.

Try this Napa Wine Bottle Carrier for the lovebirds. Include a card that says, “For your next date! Take a bottle of wine, a picnic and a book of poems to the park. Paradise for two!”

For the Wino’s: They can recognize the subtle difference between the estate bottles of  1990 and 1991 pinot noir. They’ll pay the premium for the vintage or reserve. They would never mispronounce gewürztraminer. They own two decanters. What can you get a couple that loves wine this much?

Red Wine Glass Quartet

Try these personalized red wine glasses. Include a card that says “In vino veritas. In wine there is truth. Never lie to one another, have a glass of wine (or two) instead.”

For the Bed Mates:  These two can’t keep their hands off each other. Public displays of emotions are constant. So many X’s and O’s they’d have no problem covering a tic-tac-toe board with their physical love. Get them something for their favorite place: the bedroom.

Try these Personalized Love Connection Pillows. Include a card that says, “You can’t have one without the other. Isn’t that what marriage is all about?”

All gifts listed here are for purchase at:http://www.agiftpersonalized.com/


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