Which Emmy-Nominated TV leading man are you?

Have you always wondered what TV personality you most resemble? Take our quiz to see which leading man you would play in one of these Emmy nominated shows.

1. What is your drink of choice?
a. Old Fashioned
b. Canadian Club
c. Tequila
d. Red Wine
2. What is your idea of a good night?
a. Womanizing, drinking and smoking, mostly alone
b. Partying with friends but then returning to my loved ones
c. Attending fancy events and parties
d. Smoking cigars with the men, drinking wine and discussing current issues
3. How would you prefer to make a living?
a. Creative Director of an ad agency
b. Treasurer of Atlantic City
c. Movie Agent
d. Make a living? I prefer an inheritance.
4. Which time period do you find most interesting?
a. 1950’s-1960’s
b. 1920’s-1930’s
c. 2000’s- Present
d. 1930’s-1940’s
5. Which car would you prefer to drive?
a. Cadillac Coupe de Ville
b. Rolls Royce
c. Lexus LS
d. Renault
6. Which woman would you prefer?
a. A stunning model or aspiring actress
b. A pretty, independent woman with an Irish temper
c. A stay at home mom and socialite
d. A soft-spoken woman with impeccable manners and decorum

TV Leading Man Results

If you chose mostly A’s, you are Don Draper from Mad Men.

You are a solitary, calculating man who appreciates beautiful things. You hold a very rigid view of right and wrong, although occasionally you can succomb to your vices. You enjoy your privacy and rarely share your feelings or emotions. People respect you for your sharp mind, appearance and strength.

Don Draper would carry this personalized smart money clip for its sleek appearance and practicality.

If you chose mostly B’s, you are Nucky Thomson from Boardwalk Empire.

You are an intelligent man who can persuade people to do pretty much anything. Although manipulative, you run business in a meticulous, albeit ruthless manner. You can have a bit of a temper at times, but underneath it all you are a sensitive man who values his family.

Nucky Thompson would carry this personalized time piece money clip, because he realizes that time=money.

If you chose mostly C’s, you are Ari Gold from Entourage.

Ari Gold is all about the green (or gold, like his name). You, like Ari, value money and will do pretty much anything to get it. You have a keen sense for business and take risks when you see a big payout. Oftentimes people complain that you work too much, but you can’t imagine doing anything else. Although you have a good heart, your loved ones oftentimes take a back seat to your business ventures.

Ari Gold has an immaculate sense of style. He always looks sharp and his money clip would reflect that. Ari is a modern man with a preference for contemporary pieces. For these reasons, Ari would not be caught without his personalized metro leather wallet/money clip. Its heft and quality signify Ari’s status and wealth.

If you chose mostly D’s, you are Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham from Downton Abbey.

You value good manners, high society and honor. You will do anything to keep the good reputation of your family and loved ones. You are a fair man who rewards honesty and loyalty. Although sometimes quick to make judgement, you aren’t afraid to admit your wrongs. You have a strict code of ethics and etiquette that you abide by and rarely stray from. You hold yourself and others to a very high standard which means you are inevitably disappointed from time to time. You are well-loved by your family, neighbors and subordinates.

Lord Grantham’s rich taste and dignified personality dictate this personalized millionaire money clip as his choice. Its sleek design and clean lines leave little to be desired.

If you truly want to play the part of your leading man, be sure to purchase the money clip that fits your (and your character’s) personality. All money clips are available for purchase at A Gift Personalized.


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